My technology stack & experience in using technologies

Although the knowledge we have can be used to do a successful job, experience plays a big role in solving tasks. Everyone has to start from something and start their path to a successful career.

My journey begins with Frontend technologies (more precisely with JavaScript). During my work, I have encountered a variety of tasks in programming and design. Over time, I learned how to work in small and large teams, how to logically approach various tasks, enter the role of the end-user of the interface, and thus adapt the interface to the end-user, as well as ask seniors at work for advice when I need it, and to help those in need.

The technologies I use and the ways I apply them


I can say that I have diverse experience in JavaScript.

Although I have been working in JS for over 4 years, I believe that there will always be things that I will learn and discover, because JS is developing very fast. When I started working in JS, I started with the ES5 version, while now whenever my case allows, I use the latest versions of JS.

I have worked with many JS libraries. Thanks to working with templates, I had to understand each library involved and the way it works.

List of libraries and frameworks I worked with the most (default JS code in them):

React JS

React JS showed me how powerful JS is.

When I started working and learning React, I understood the direction of JS: optimizing the entire code according to the DRY principle and facilitating the loading of web pages by providing very high rendering speeds. As far as React is concerned, my experience with it is reflected in working on multi-year projects related to business platforms.

When I work at React, I try to involve external libraries in the project as little as possible and to write my own code for the necessary functionalities, if possible. I have nothing against auxiliary libraries, but I think that the technology itself should be used as well as possible.

For state management, I had a lot of experience with the Redux saga, but lately, I've been using React context provider and hooks more and more because I think they are much easier and better to apply.

Also, I find it important to note that I use npm during application development (I prefer to choose npm than yarn).

React Native

Working in React has awakened in me a desire to start learning and doing React Native. I worked on the development of a mobile application (also a multi-year web application I worked on) related to business platforms. While working on that application, I created various versions of Navigation Drawer & Tab Navigation (navigation similar to Instagram navigation), used Redux for state management, included external libraries, worked with animations, accessed data from devices, device cameras, device storage...

When I create React Native applications, I like to use Expo (I find that it significantly speeds up the application creation process).

Vue JS

My first encounter with the famous JS trilogy was with Vue JS.

Also, my first encounter with web component concepts, state management, and rooters was through Vue. My first projects were written in Vue 2 version. I think that Vue is very useful and powerful, both for small and large projects (if a very good organization of components is set up). I believe that it will have a very big role in the future and I have a great desire to do Vue JS programming.


Thanks to having contact with PHP, I decided to do it in the future.

I find PHP a very powerful programming language. Although there are a number of people who do not want to rely on PHP, I believe that PHP will be on the scene for a very long time, if not all the time. What I especially like about PHP is the much more advanced functionality (variety of functions and methods) compared to JavaScript.

As for my experience in PHP, I worked a lot with logical parts on multi-year projects, used various PHP auxiliary libraries, while from frameworks I worked on projects that used Zend and Laravel (in addition to working on Frontend parts, I did a lot wrote PHP code, worked with PDF libraries, dragged, entered and formatted data from the database, work with controllers ...).


The first live projects I worked on were made with WordPress.

On WordPress projects, I created complete Frontend custom themes, with a bit of Backend in PHP. Depending on the need for the job, I changed both the existing themes (after the downloaded theme, I made changes to it), and made completely new custom themes. While working in WordPress, I came across the Gutenberg editor, various versions of the page-builder, 3rd party services & APIs, and various management tools.

Although my direction of work and learning does not go specifically towards WordPress, I have nothing against working on projects that contain WordPress.


jQuery was in 70% of the projects I worked on.

jQuery has been present in my work for a long time. My first meeting with jQuery was during my studies. As much as I liked jQuery, it says that jQuery was the final topic for my thesis. Although jQuery is less and less appreciated when choosing a library for new projects, it is quite present in the maintenance of existing sites, and I believe it will be in use for a long time to come.

I like working in jQuery (I especially like the ease of working with selectors, animations, and transitions). I find my experience with jQuery great. As for other versions, I also have a lot of experience with jQuery Mobile and jQuery UI libraries.


Every project I’ve ever worked on has used Git.

I find Git very useful. There are many possibilities that git provides, and I think the best of them is storing code through various branches. With all this, the code can almost always be seen and developers can revert to the previous version if an error occurs.

I used the Git Hub to publish and store private projects, while I used the Git Lab in the companies I worked for.

Adobe Photoshop

I believe that anyone who loves to do CSS also loves working in Adobe Photoshop.

My encounter with Adobe Photoshop dates back to my boyhood days. In Photoshop, I initially worked on the design for various websites. Today, my work in Photoshop includes working with image optimization, adjusting colors for images, setting appropriate contrast, optimizing resolution, converting extensions, working with quality, cropping content, and optimizing for various devices on which images will be opened ...

During my work on Linux, if time does not allow me to switch to the Windows operating system, I use Gimp as a replacement for Photoshop.

Adobe Illustrator

I used Adobe Illustrator to create vector graphics.

Several times in my career, I have encountered the need to create logos in SVG, so working with Adobe Illustrator is no stranger to me. When creating a logo, first of all, I like to be original.

Depending on the logo itself, I avoid a large number of layers and watch that the final SVG contains as few elements as possible and be customizable in terms of color changes.


HTML 5 is the foundation of everything, both web pages, and my beginnings in web programming.

Although I didn’t understand much at the beginning of learning HTML, I later realized the importance of using newer elements, their attributes, and how much some characteristics of HTML can actually spare the use of JS code for certain things.

It cannot be said that someone who does JS or CSS does not do HTML. Just as HTML is tied to them, so is it tied to my technology stack and is an integral part of it. I think I have a very good knowledge of HTML coding.


Although many Web Developers are annoyed, I like coding in CSS.

After working well with JS or PHP, CSS becomes a game for me. Based on my experience so far, I have encountered various tasks that involved a very good knowledge of CSS (and a great deal of patience in the work). Personally, I like to use SCSS (Sass) according to the BEM methodology, but according to the needs of the project, I can quickly adapt to other preprocessors and methodologies used in projects.

As for CSS, my current focus is on CSS in JS or JSS. I believe that JSS in working with JS frameworks will overcome and suppress in front of processors and that it has a great future.

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